Pierre Néron

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I am currently a quantitative developer in the Strats team at Standard Chartered in Singapore.

Previously, I was a formal methods expert at ANSSI, the French Network and Information Security Agency.
I am also interested in theory of programming languages, proof theory and computation models.

Before, I was a post-doctoral fellow in the Software Language Design and Engineering project lead by Eelco Visser at TU Delft. I was mainly working on a meta-framework to define static and dynamic semantics of programming languages.
Before that, I was a PhD student at INRIA in the Deducteam team under the supervision of Gilles Dowek (INRIA) and César A. Muñoz at NASA. During this PhD, I defined a program transformation that removes square roots and divisions and proved the semantics preservation of this transformation.

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pierre.neron [at] polytechnique ( dot ) org